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60+ hours


Wing Chun Course Access


Online Academy OWOA Martial Arts Lucca D



I have been working out with Lucca for almost a year doing fitness & Martial arts. It’s been a great experience & I’m still amazed how much stronger I have become in such a short space of time. Lucca’s approach to building overall strength, improving posture, balance and focus in not only very effective but also really fun.

Ewa SPrivate Client & Academy Member

Before meeting Lucca I felt lost and struggled with my concentration. This soon changed after I began my martial arts training. Through form work I have learnt to focus on myself. This has allowed me to clear my mind, improving my concentration. Thank you master

Ludek SeveraPrivate Client & Academy Member

I was suffering with anxiety, depression, going through divorce whilst managing as a single Father. When Lucca stepped in and started my training, EVERYTHING changed. Learning martial arts literally set me free in almost all aspects of my life. It was the start of an incredible journey.

Shaun McDonoghPrivate Client & Academy Member



Why Wing Chun?

Build your confidence with Wing Chun, a close range self-defence art created and designed to be fast and effective.

The course:

  • Fundamentals Course

    Step by step instruction from the beginning.

  • Improvers Course

    Build on your fundamentals.

  • Forms Training Course

    Learn the OWOA Wing Chun forms.

  • Training Sessions

    Practice what you have learnt in training sessions with Lucca D.

  • Wing Chun Series

    Wing Chun mini episode series.

  • Wing Chun Glossary

    Wing Chun terminology.


Why OWOA Martial Arts?

Calm your mind, balance your emotions, improve strength, flexibility, mobility and fitness with OWOA Martial Arts.

The course:

  • Ground Course

    Improve your mobility from the ground up, beginning with ground movement.

  • Fire Course

    Weapon work.

  • Mind Course

    Guided Meditation Practice.

  • Well-being Course

    Stretching Course improving flexibility.

  • Functional Fitness Course

    Bodyweight exercises to get fit.

  • Weekly Practice Course

    Short sessions you can do from Monday – Friday to improve well-being.


Success starts with taking the first step.

“Lucca’s classes are the first online sessions I have tried. Instantly I was pulled into another world, reacquainting myself with my body and its capabilities. I never thought I would take up martial arts again, but at 58 years old here I am still. After 6 months Lucca has enthused all the attendees with his infectious OWOA lifestyle and has a natural knack of coxing the best out of us. I have not felt so mentally and physically fit since my 20’s and it is a pleasure to be involved”

Ralph Online Classes

“Our daughter has attended Lucca’s classes from the beginning. She joined as a novice and she has progressed with her Wing Chun to a more experienced level. The classes are unique, inspiring and motivating. Lucca explains each aspect of Wing Chun and the philosophy behind it. The classes are led in a friendly and supportive manner, with great attention to detail. Lucca is a dedicated teacher and always available to discuss and answer questions”

MichalOnline Classes

” I have been attending Lucca’s Wing Chun classes for the past 6 months. Each class is unique, engaging and has a fun positive atmosphere to it. Lucca has profound knowledge in Wing Chun and is able to explain in detail how each move should be felt internally in order to be used effectively in self-defence. He is a dedicated teacher and takes the time to provide answers to any questions you may have. I feel I have progressed from class to class. I truly recommend his classes”

HonOnline Classes


Accelerate your progress through one to one private online sessions. This is the best way enhance your capabilities and take your training to the next level. Sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs with personal goals and aims provided.

Private sessions are scheduled in at a recurring date and time and are conducted via Zoom.

Please check the FAQ section or CONTACT US if you have further questions.



  • Accelerated progress

    Personal feedback

  • Tailored session

    Your specific needs

  • Personal goals

    to aim for